GPS Drone Trackers

GPS Drone Trackers have come a long way since 2012 as new innovations in the field and investment from bigger companies bring more advanced features every few months. Latest drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Phantom 4, GoPro Karma, Parrot Bebop, and Yuneec Typhoon offer a long list of advanced features.

These drones are now capable of automated take-off and landing as well as automated return home when the battery is low or the RC connection is lost. But even with these functions incorporated, drones are technological devices and bound to fail at some point. Many experienced drone pilots have experienced the notorious fly-away situation where the drone does not return home or respond to any controls.

In fact, GPS Drone Trackers are controlled by man and wherever there is a human factor involved, there may be mistakes resulting in crashes. For example, flying a drone in first-person view using FPV Goggles is a lot more fun but also increases the risk of a crash.

But, keep in mind that, crashing your drone does not necessarily mean it’s dead. If you attach a portable GPS tracker such as SpyTrack Nano from Rewire Security to your drone pre-flight. You may be available to locate and find it in the case of a crash or a fly-away. By using the GPSLive APP app on your smartphone(IOS & Android) you can pinpoint your drone’s location down to 2 meters in proximity.

The GPS Drone Trackers weigh only 40 grams and do not cause any orientation, weight, or GPS satellite issues for your drone.



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