In a blog, we discuss two different types of drone trackers. Those types are GPS drone trackers and RF drone trackers. GPS drone tracker is connected to the network of satellites circling the earth in service of the global positioning system.

Even though this blog tells us about its tracking ability from virtually anywhere on the planet, it does have a few limitations. Firstly, the drone tracker’s signal must not be obstructed by solid structures.  The best results come in the open category. Secondly, you need a cellular plan for the tracker. If not, the location will not appear on your cell phone.

The blog also mentions the RF drone trackers. This type of drone trackers broadcast radio waves that are received by detection devices. The benefit of this innovation is that the technology of RF drone trackers does not rely on GSM reception. That is only the case with GPS drone trackers.

This is exactly why the blog explains that these drones work in remote areas with little to no infrastructural facilities. The drawback is that most RF trackers available on the market give you a maximum range of 2 miles. Drone trackers are ideal for recovering your lost drones.

Sometimes, you may face a situation in which you are unable to find your drone. It can be lost in a crowded area or you may have forgotten about it. This is where the drone trackers are ideal, as explained in a drone trackers blog. You have different indications to track it down.

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Drone Detection and Defense Systems

DeTect is proud to introduce its recently developed small-sized UAV tracker and drone detection and defense system known as the Drone Watcher. It comprises technologies that can function exclusively of each other or in sync with each other in order to furnish comprehensive, multi-faceted security coupled with long-range drone control. Drone Detection Watcher RF Drone […]

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How is the new drone tracking system integrated within the Dubai Airspace?

Dubai Airport deals with a framework to distinguish and follow the new drone tracking system following a progression of invasions that have disturbed trips at its air terminal. Reuters detailed today, the expanding utilization of drones for business just as relaxation purposes universally has prompted an ascent in the quantity of close misses with airplanes […]

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Importance of Drone Detection Radar

The Kelvin Hughes SharpEye SxV radar is one of the most sensitive and sophisticated radars that does its task for drone detection of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), quadcopters, and drones tremendously efficiently. We excel in providing high-end radar-based solutions for border and perimeter security while the Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ SxV […]