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Top 2 GPS Drone Trackers

There are no two ways about it when it comes to the safety of our beloved drones as we expect them to fly right across the lake just in our neighborhood or out of our line of sight on certain occasions using the First Person View (FPV) technology. But the prospects of that scary flyaway always loom around the corner and we need to stay ready by employing GPS drone trackers or a drone tracker app.

Such dreaded flyaways are bound to happen to every drone enthusiast sooner rather than later, no matter how much the manufacturer harp on regarding the formidability of their drones. Are you willing to take the gamble with your expensive drone without first getting to know about drone trackers?

Let’s get down to the business then and discuss some of the best drone trackers out there along with the charming drone tracker apps available on the market. Are you looking for a drone equipped with invincible GPS technology instead of a drone tracker? We have you covered with our lineup of guides for the best drones for use in the house alongside the best drones that cost under 100 bucks.

1 – Trackimo GPS Drone Trackers

The Trackimo GPS Tracker is a wonderful product, to be honest. If you are looking to secure your expensive investment, then this tracker is a reliable option. It costs only around $139.99. It comes with free software that assists you in locating your drone while the connectivity is quite amazing; thereby ensuring that you do not end up losing your drone.

At about 40 grams, the Trackimo GPS Tracker is very light in weight and can be comfortably mounted onto your drone. Let’s discuss some of the benefits that one gets with the Trackimo GPS Tracker:

  • You get a free maintenance facility for the first year while after that it will only cost you around $5 a month
  • You get access to GPS tracking in real-time
  • You gain access to worldwide coverage thanks to the web or smartphone app
  • Weighs only 42 grams
  • Cheaper in contrast to the Flytrex 3G as it costs only $140
  • App tailored for Android and iOS

The only thing that has failed to impress us all is the limited life that the onboard battery of the Trackimo GPS Tracker provides. This also goes on to show that it is yet another of the very many batteries that you will have to keep charged up persistently to ensure that you are ready all the time whenever you are planning for an aerial flight.

Other than this, the Trackimo GPS Tracker is a pretty decent product that is definitely going to be worth its salt just in case you suffer from a terrible flyaway.

Here is the link to a special discount on the Trackimo GPS Tracker.

Here is a demo video of this amazing device.

2 – Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System

It has never been easier or less expensive to track your drone than this! The Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System is a great device. It is intuitive, affordable, and provides a reliable solution to locating your drone in case of a flyaway. It is never advisable to take any chance with the location of your drone. The Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System will ensure that you always keep track of your quadcopter.

The point-to-point technology ensures that the battery life is incredible as no cellular services are required and the device banks on RF technology to function.

Here are some of the advantages that one gets with the Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System:

  • At about 46 grams, the Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System is feather light
  • Offers connectivity within a 2-mile radius
  • Battery life of around 30 days
  • Provides a location to an accuracy of a few inches
  • One button tracking
  • No running costs or subscriptions needed

One of the drawbacks that one gets with the Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System is that it, unfortunately, does not take one to the last FPV location similar to other devices.

The Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System transmits the location of the quadcopter directly to the displaying device. Usually, the 2-mile radius turns out to be quite enough. However, if it is not able to quench your thirst or serve the purpose, you simply have to move in the general direction of the flight until the device has been located and the user begins receiving the data.

The transceiver’s communication does not disrupt the communication of your drone while the Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System also offers the option of it being turned on or off as and when required.

The Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System is quite light in weight at 46 grams while the package also includes the casing and the battery. This implies that the installation of this device on the drone will not have any adverse repercussions on it. The Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System is one of the smallest GPS drone trackers to have hit the shelves in recent times.

In regards to the pros associated with this amazing product, the cost linked to the Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System seems to be nominal and a pretty decent investment. It will definitely give you much-needed satisfaction.

With a battery life of no less than 03 months, the device presents incredible prospects. The trackers are extremely user-friendly while the one-button functionality is also exceptional.

It can be an excruciating experience to end up having your drone crash or suffer a flyaway. Ensure that you have one of these GPS drone trackers installed on your bird to keep it safe.

It goes without saying that a crash landing and a flyaway are two different things. In case of a crash landing, the drone is typically easy to find even if the device were out of sight, the FPV unit or the smartphone application would still be able to show the last recorded GPS location of the machine.

In such a scenario, the drone would either be at a closer distance or just about near to you.

However, when the dreaded flyaway happens, the satellite lock is likely to be lost by the quadcopter. This can be probably due to interference or some other factor such as the vicinity of the primary power line that can cause disruption in communication. This is exactly why having a backup tracking device is really crucial.

An abrupt variation in weight balance of the drone such as the gimbal coming lose due to a certain reason is also likely to cause a flyaway as the device will sense that it has lost its horizontal balance and will attempt to push against the tilt presuming it has occurred due to the wind in the atmosphere.

What will happen is that the drone would be flying horizontally, out of control until the battery has life left in it or it crashes into some obstacle.

There are numerous stories available on the internet such as this. However, it is pertinent to mention here that the majority of the drones are reliable and there are lots of satisfied users out there who have had no brush with such horrific incidents of drones suffering flyaways.

Nonetheless, even if such an event takes place, you would definitely want to avoid crossing the fields or requesting your friend to lend you his drone for a bit of a reconnaissance mission.

Ensure that you are in possession of the Marco Polo Drone Tracking UAVfind Field System or the TrackR drone tracking system.

More often than not, drones can be repaired even in case of the most terrible of accidents. The DJI drones are equipped with the Find my Phantom function. However, if the drone is not aware of its own location, then even such a functionality would turn out to be useless.

We hope that you will take some time out to research your options out regarding GPS drone trackers and choose the one that suits you the most. Let us know through the comments in the comments section regarding the drone trackers that you use.

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