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Drone Detection and Defense Systems

DeTect is proud to introduce its recently developed small-sized UAV tracker and drone detection and defense system known as the Drone Watcher. It comprises technologies that can function exclusively of each other or in sync with each other in order to furnish comprehensive, multi-faceted security coupled with long-range drone control.

Drone Detection Watcher RF

Drone Watcher RF has the ability to detect a drone for more than 95% of the devices available on the market including both consumers as well as prosumer gadgets for a control range of around 1-2 miles thereby offering in-depth data consisting of drone type, ID and other important parameters.

The Drone Watcher RF is a small-sized, sophisticated electric package that is fitted inside the perimeter of a facility that requires minimum power and network specifications (inbuilt solar and cellular variants are available as well).

DeTect is consistently incorporating new drone signatures in the Drone Watcher RF’s identification database.

The Drone Watcher RF also comes loaded with the developer’s state-of-the-art drone interdiction and inception facility.

Harrier DSR

Harrier Drojne Surveillance Radar (DSR) is a primary reconnaissance radar that has been developed particularly for the detection and tracking of compact, low altitude, non-cooperative targets in crowded environments.

This magnificent surveillance radar is capable of detecting small-sized consumer, prosumer, and military cooperative and non-cooperative drones within the line of sight along with those at a longer range of around 2 miles especially in the case of larger-sized UAVs.

The Harrier DSR can identify and track uncontrolled, programmed drones flying with the autonomous pilot function triggered on and are typically undetectable by DroneWatcher App and RF interfaces thanks to a wide array of auxiliary sensors including video and DeTect third party interception technologies.

Let’s have a look at some of these technologies in detail:

DroneWatcher Layered Drone Surveillance & Interdiction

Promising an adaptable and tweakable multi-pronged solution of identifying, tracking, alerting, and intercepting drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, the DeTect’s DroneWatcher Layered Drone Surveillance & Interdiction system comes across as a great tool for modern-day aircraft. This system incorporates signals intelligence (SIGINT) and radar technologies. Each of the systems can be used as an independent sensor or can be blended to furnish the degree of security in accordance with the user’s demand. In addition, the drone detection technology can also be upgraded to provide a solution to security requirements that arise in face of the ever-evolving drone features, potential and threat alerts.

The Harrier DSR offers identification and tracking of non-cooperative, non-RF controlled, or autonomous drones and UAVs. As discussed above, both DroneWatcher and Harrier DSR can come loaded with the developer’s cutting-edge drone interception and inception features.

DeTect also offers its Web service in the shape of DroneWatcher WEB that furnishes a live, comprehensive, tailored situational awareness web interface for each user site including wide-area views of large buildings, cities, and infrastructures. DroneWatcher WEB is extremely adjustable and adaptable and includes tailored visual, audio and text message-based alert features. The web service also provides a detailed log of detections made by all sensors in the system including ID signatures, location, flight trajectory, and other features that can be employed by the law enforcement agencies to build a case against illicit incursions.

Harrier Drone Surveillance Radar

Employing state-of-the-art military grade, solid-state Doppler drone detection radar technology, the Harrier Drone Surveillance Radar has the ability to detect and track compact targets in a complicated cluttered environment in addition to providing detection features in case of non-RF and autonomous programmed drones for more than 2 miles. The Harrier Drone Surveillance Radar’s solid-state Doppler detection radar technology promises to offer remarkably enhanced performance, utility life, and reduced maintenance costs in contrast to the traditional magnetron-based systems. The system also comes loaded with a SQL database that offers live drone target classification and rejection of false-positive targets from birds. The technology also has the ability to interface with third-party video, audio, and other technologies besides incorporation of a detailed Web service for live user situational awareness display designed specifically for different complexes and sites.

The Harrier Drone Surveillance Radar has a tried and tested record of remarkable performance with below mentioned typical detection ranges for drone size ranges:

  • Large (Global Hawk class) to 14+ nm
  • Medium (Raven class) to 4-6+ nm
  • Micro UAVs (DJ Phantom class) to 2+ nm
  • Harrier DSR can come loaded with the developer’s cutting edge drone interception and inception features

Interoperable Integrated Technology of Drone Detection

DeTect’s DroneWatcher and Harrier systems can also serve as independent technologies to reinforce security systems detecting and alerting perimeter incursions by air, water, and land. The technologies offer multi-faceted functionalities and can be tweaked to detect multiple intruder types including locating, tracking, and alerting of UAVs, aircraft, ships, and boats at the same time that are observed to cross pre-configured site criteria or attempting to barge into limited zones. The system offers automated audiovisual alerts through the developer’s Web service to law enforcement apparatus via text, pager, or mobile phone along with direct read-out to remote monitoring stations.

Automated drone detection and tracking features include user configured monitoring and alarm zones. Systems are available in fixed skid and moveable variants and can be networked in series to provide security to larger areas and lines such as border crossings, coastlines, and other sensitive installments. DeTect’s technology can be adjusted to ensure the provision of radar, video, and thermal detection besides serving as an audio deterrent through a single user interface display with sophisticated alerting and response features that can be viewed and controlled remotely in real-time.

Some of the key features of this advanced system include:

  • Microsoft Windows-based operating system
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Integrated radar, thermal, video, audio, and sonar deterrents
  • Intelligent radar feature for live target detection
  • Automatic false positive (birds) rejection
  • Point and click video zoom and deterrent activation
  • Compatibility with other security and display systems
  • Maps specific for different sites
  • Mobile mapping technology
  • Target identification by size, position, speed, and direction
  • Audio-visual incursion alarms
  • Optional notification by email and pager

Automated data recording, archiving, and reporting.

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