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Find Your Lost Drone with 5 Best Drone Trackers

If you are having difficulty locating your drone lost thanks to a faulty RC connection or inclement weather conditions, then these 5 best drone trackers will help you get out of some serious trouble!

A drone lost out in the woods is nothing short of a nightmare come true for drone aficionados. Drones can get strayed owing to several reasons including loss of connectivity, interference from other Radio Frequency devices in the vicinity, or simply violent weather conditions. Regardless of the reasons, drone enthusiasts are going to find it tough if they end up losing their drone as they may have strenuous search and rescue operations to find their lost gadget. To help you out in the worst and most testing of times, we have scoured the internet and bring to you the 5 best drone trackers to have hit the shelves.

Drone trackers

Some of the top drone manufacturers on the market produce drones equipped with drone trackers. There are some developers which incorporate the option that enables the drone to return to its home location safely. Having said that, if your drone has not come loaded with a tracking device, then you need not to fret over it! There are several trackers out there on the market that can be used either as dedicated tracking gizmos or as a general tracking machines as well.

To be precise, one should ensure that the tracker has been installed very near to the center of gravity of the drone to prevent the device from portraying undesirable behavior in the air. Furthermore, once you get your hands on a tracker, it is advisable to get some hands-on practice with the gadget sticking to your drone. Hey! You may as well go for a scavenger hunting spree with your loved ones! It can always be a nerve-wracking experience to see your expensive gizmo searing through the winds knowing that it can get lost in the blink of an eye.

Types of drone trackers

  • GPS Drone Trackers: Such a tracker is connected to an array of satellites revolving around the earth as part of the global positioning system typically known as the GPS. This technology lets the drone enthusiasts look for their drone virtually anywhere on the face of the earth. However, it does come with a couple of restrictions. Firstly, it has to be ensured that the signal of the tracking device is not disrupted by solid structures or buildings. The trackers are not really effective indoors as best results are obtained outdoors. Secondly, a cellular plan has to be purchased separately for the tracking device as it does not have the ability to transmit its position to the mobile phone.
  • RF Drone Trackers: RF drone trackers transmit radio waves that are received in return by detection paraphernalia. This tech is superior to the GPS one in the sense that one does not have to purchase a separate cellular plan to enable the device send its position. This ability makes this device suitable for far flung areas. Having said that, most of the RF drone trackers out in the market offer a tracking range of no more than 2 miles.

Another type of drone trackers

The past few years have seen the introduction of devices that instead of relying on GPS features, employ Bluetooth technology offering a 10 to 15-meter range. These devices bank on users of similar systems whose mobile phones locate the device’s position via the drone tracker’s Bluetooth transmission.

However, this technology is yet to gain traction amongst fans as crowd tracking has not become a hit. So, we have not enlisted any of such devices in our post.

1 – DroneScape FindtheDrone

DroneScape FindtheDrone

Manufactured by DroneScape, these drone trackers are an excellent option for tracking lost drones. It comes with a vast array of features that are unique to the DroneScape FindtheDrone tracker. For instance, drone aficionados can access crucial data such as battery life and signal strength. The DroneScape FindtheDrone can be attached with a Velcro to the drone.

It is pertinent to mention here that the DroneScape FindtheDrone relies on the GSM network which enables the finder of the drone to contact the owner via the phone and speak to him. Hence, one needs to purchase a monthly cellular plan to keep this device functional. The location of the drone can be viewed in a smartphone app. In a similar manner, one may also define a geofence, which when crossed by the drone, initiates a series of alerts.

Weighing around 85 grams, the DroneScape FindtheDrone should not really hamper the drone’s flying abilities.

2 – Loc8tor Lite

The Loc8tor Lite drone tracker relies on RF technology. In essence, the signal transmitted by the tracking device is detected by a receiver which in turn identifies and shows the position of the drone with a blend of sounds and lights. The Loc8tor Lite is also being marketed by the manufacturer as a handy device to keep track of pets and keys. However, thanks to its small size, the Loc8tor Lite comes across as a great option for drones as well.

In contrast to other options enlisted here, no cellular plan is required to be purchased for the Loc8tor Lite. So, it is really a superb alternative for drone enthusiasts who are accustomed to flying their drone in far-flung areas where no GSM network is available. The drone trackers are quite cost-effective. However, it offers a range of just 122 meters. The detector that receives the signal transmitted by the tracker is just about the size of a credit card so it can be put in one’s pocket with ridiculous ease.

3 – Marco Polo Drone Tracking Field System

Marco Polo Drone

Here comes yet another prolific RF drone tracker: Marco Polo Drone Tracking Field System. Employing Doppler automatic direction-finding technology, this device comes with a handheld locator. Once the tracking mode has been triggered on the detector, the screen tends to direct the drone pilot with the help of arrows to the exact location of the device. Having said that, the handheld locator is quite large in size. However, the Marco Polo Drone Tracking Field System weighs only about 12 grams which is quite incredible.

The manufacturer has marketed this device to be operational within a radius of 02 miles of the locator. This is not a great range in comparison with other devices enlisted in this post. However, one of the great benefits of the Marco Polo Drone Tracking Field System is that one does not need to purchase a cellular plan separately. All in all, it is a great option for drone pilots who fly their gizmos in distant areas.

4 – Scout Universal GPS Tracker

Here is a device that employs a blend of GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, vibration sensing, and accelerometer technologies; thereby enabling drone pilots to retrieve data regarding speed, direction, and position tracking in real-time. It goes without saying that the Scout Universal GPS Tracker is not necessarily drone trackers. However, its meager weight of 24 grams renders it suitable to be used in combination with drones. The users can locate their drones via both iOS and Android-powered applications.

The Scout Universal GPS Tracker enables its users to sketch geofences in the application which issues requisite alerts once the drone crosses the geofences. The drone tracker also comes equipped with a vibration sensor that informs the pilot as soon as someone tries to move the drone. One of the drawbacks that come with the Scout Universal GPS Tracker is that it relies on the GSM network to work and hence its users will have to purchase a monthly cellular plan to use it effectively. It surely is one of the best drone trackers out there on the market.

5 – Trackimo Drone GPS Tracker

The Trackimo Drone GPS Tracker can be attached to any drone and lets the pilots monitor their gadgets via Android and iOS powered applications or the web. The tracking is functional at any place on the earth and works in real-time. Again, the Trackimo Drone GPS Tracker also relies on the GSM network and the pilot needs to purchase a monthly cellular plan to make it work.

The Trackimo Drone GPS Tracker comes with a universal drone attachment kit, batteries, and a SIM. It weighs only around 40 meters and hence does not affect the performance of the drone in the air. If you want to know more about these innovations, make sure to check out our website blogs. You can also check out the recommendations regarding a high-quality drone tracker.

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