drone tracker device

RC Plane and Drone Tracker Device

The most affordable and accurate drone tracker device to help you find your lost unmanned aerial vehicle.

Intuitive drone tracker device

drone tracking

The tag weighing 6 grams can be fitted inconveniently and the handset is remarkably easy to use. Simply press the button and follow the audio and visual instructions to find your way to your lost drone.

Accurate dual directional technology in drone tracker device

Even if your unmanned aerial vehicle is hidden deep inside the debris or buried underneath the earth, our patented radiofrequency technology has the ability to help you find it out. The handset will take you to within 2.5cm of the drone.

Long range up to 122 meters

When in a clear line of sight, our drone tracker device offers a range of up to 122 meters (400 feet). That is quite a distance to get you close to your valuable aircraft even in forests or deserts; whether your aircraft has got itself tangled in a tree or it is lying inside a ditch. Just make your way in the direction you last saw it going in and the tracker will lead you right to it.

No recurrent cost

You just have to purchase our drone tracker device and pay one-time costs only. There are no hidden or rental costs involved. You can keep your expensive aircraft protected by paying a single time for a long time to come. The batteries offer a run time of 12 months and can be replaced affordably.

Become our loyal customer

Our gizmo is being employed by thousands of satisfied seasoned experts as well as hobbyist pilots throughout the world to protect their unmanned aerial vehicles. There is no point in leaving things to chance, isn’t it? Enjoy our 30-day money-back guarantee and see it for yourself!

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