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Find Your Drone with the Best GPS Drone Trackers

A drone pilot should do anything within his or her reach to keep their drone safe. For this, they should use drone trackers.

A drone costs a fortune and it should never end up getting lost due to a flyaway or in case you lose its control. Having said that, this is quite a common scenario that is encountered by pilots all over the world ever so often.

There could be a plethora of reasons for a drone getting lost:

  • Loss of connectivity with the radio controller
  • Battery running out of juice
  • Radio interference
  • Gusty winds
  • Malfunctioning firmware
  • Inaccurate GPS data
  • Software glitches
  • Others

There are also occasions when it is not even down to the pilot’s error. It can happen to even the most experienced of pilots out there.

Drone trackers are handy little gizmos that should give any drone pilot a much-needed peace of mind and an easy solution to claw back to their lost drone.

You simply have to mount your compact and lightweight drone tracker to your drone which broadcasts a GPS signal which in turn is received by an external device with its location plotted on a map.

This enables a pilot to find out his lost drone. Modern-day trackers are accompanied with an app which ensures that you can track and find your drone via your smartphone.

This device ensures ultimate protection for your drone. Now, we are going to discuss the best drone trackers of the year.

1 –Trackimo– Drone Trackers

drone trackers

Trackimo is considered one of the leading brands when it comes to drone trackers the world over. The tracker is reasonably priced and the manufacturer offers stunning customer support services to other industries as well.

Weighing at 1.4 ounces, the tracker is extremely lightweight which means that it won’t hamper your drone’s flight. It can be mounted onto the drone with ease and stays there in a snug manner thanks to its accessory and attachment kit.

The tracking system comes with a mobile app that can be used to track and find your drone in real-time. The tracker employs GSM technology tracking so it offers worldwide coverage.

Trackimo is one of the best drone tracking solutions out there.

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  • Lightweight (1.4 ounces)
  • 96 hours of battery life
  • Real time tracking of your drone
  • Easy to attach
  • Worldwide coverage as the tracker uses cellular data instead of WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Compatible with mobile device and PC
  • Mobile app available
  • Low annual service cost


  • Flat price for the device and attachment kit
  • Yearly cellular service fee
  • Free 1st year of GPS service, $5/monthlater

2 – Flytrex Live 3G– Drone Trackers

drone trackers

Another exquisite alternative to tracking your drone is Flytrex. However, it is something more than mere drone trackers.

Flytrex offers real-time drone tracking while the Last Seen feature ensures that you get to know the exact location where your gadget went down.

The tracker comes with a customized adapter for specific drone models. It also includes a smartphone app and offers real-time flight telemetry data along with Google Maps path overlay during flight.

The flight logger feature ensures that all your flights are saved in your individual pilot profile while the Mission Analyzer tool provides in-depth graphs and statistics for each flight. Badges are awarded to the leaders or on accomplishing certain challenges and unearthing achievement.

On the whole, Flytrex is a formidable drone tracking and flight logging system.

Here is more information about Flytrex and the tracker can be purchased from here.


  • Real time drone tracking
  • Last Seen feature
  • Powered by 3G
  • Installation adapter tailor-made for specific drone models
  • Mobile device compatible
  • Mobile app available
  • Share your live flight telemetry with Google Map path overlay as you fly
  • Automatic flight logger – all flights are stored in your personal pilot profile
  • Mission Analyzer – analyze missions with detailed graphs and stats
  • Unlock badges as you improve and challenge yourself against other pilots worldwide


One-time payment for Flytrex Live 3G and installation adapter.

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